I Know That Voice

You call out my name and before I look up I know it’s you

I know that voice, the silky tone, the drowsy pace

You drag your words

When you say my name, it takes time

I can hear each note like a jazz song

The saxophone

I turn smiling, ready to walk over, for a hug, to touch

To get a mother’s warm kiss

I don’t see you much and I miss you

You have more wrinkles and you seem tired

But your eyes twinkle and your skin is still plump

You tell me the news and for a second I hold my breath till my eyes are wet

When you look down at the floor I can’t speak

I nod instead

I want to hug away your troubles, I want to talk away the issues, the sickness, the dread

I know I can’t

You ask me about life, you want to change the subject but I shrug

I want to sit with you here at the bus stop as you smoke

Not waiting for the 341

But right here, on this seat, breathing

In silence

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