Tottenham’s Talking: Top 5

Crop Drop has a great new video making the rounds, a new drop point and they’re still the freshest organic goodies you’ll ever get – in this part of north-east London. Why do locals love it so much? It’s a community-led scheme helping us buy our fruit and veg direct from producers, cutting out the very large and bulging middleman: national distributors and retailers. The more of us involved in the scheme, the more of us pouring cash into local businesses and farms close to Haringey. The best bit is planning a tasty menu with the surprise produce delivered every week. Ooo and they also send out a weekly newsletter with tips and recipe ideas.


Ghanaian restaurants in this area have mostly shut up shop in the last couple of years, but there’s a cheeky new joiner selling takeaway just when we had all lost hope. Kejetia – named after the huge open air central market in Kumasi and the best supplier of Ghana Highlife music, imported Fufu, green plantain, dried fish and all things the Ghanaian community cannot live without – also sell takeaways! In addition to Kenkey and shito (chilli paste), they are now also selling Waakye (Ghanaian rice and beans) with (very) spicy lamb stew. Pop in and buy for just £3 and then maybe grab a tipple from Tottenham Wines on the way home with friends. The start to a great weekend.


Find it on the corner of Westerfield and West Green Road N17

Arguably one of the most powerful groups in the area and certainly the loudest, when they get together, the Our Tottenham team continue to raise awareness and speak up. There are tweets, protests, a website and the all important petitions – to get our issues heard! They fight for our local rights, push for better and delay crazy regeneration plans that exclude locals. Think Wards Corner and the library closure/refurb/downsize… All madness. Our Tottenham, you rock. Have you heard about this??

Meetings: first Thursday of each month at 639 Centre, 7pm or when they say so

Bruce Castle Museum Vintage Fair is always my hottest ticket every season. Well actually, no ticket but you will have to pay an entrance fee! The lady you need to spot is usually sitting at the front of the last room (in the back) and it won’t cost you more than a cup of coffee. There are clothes, furniture, luggage, accessories and usually tea and cake on sale. I bought a little folding chair last year and it’s my favourite thing to sit on and write this blog. It’s still going strong and next year it’ll be coming along with me to festivals; I’m planning to smugly pull it out to eat my burger, while I queue for a drink.

Go on Saturday 28th Nov


Aqua Aerobics at the Tottenham Leisure Centre is where all the fun is at. No, really. Exercising or dancing (as I like to do) in shallow-ish water with mums, dads, aunties and maybe your next door neighbour is the only way to start the week with other locals. If I can offer any advice for this class, it would be to watch your leg on the back kick and try not to injure a granny! After the exercise, don’t forget to pop into the not so steamy steam room.

6:30 Mondays and Thursdays evenings – see listings for other times

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