Youth Series #2 – Ryan Sarpong

How did you get involved with Steppaz?

I was volunteering at a youth centre and my friend told me about it and I thought I should come and help out. I came down, met some of the teachers and I just loved the environment and vibe so I thought I’d stay around, that was last year. After I did the summer programme with them, Stacey offered me a job.

How old are you?


When did you start dancing?

I started self-teaching myself at about five or six. Watching music videos and picking up whatever I could. Then from there, I started to teach friends from school and then it kind of just developed from there.

What school did you go to?

For secondary school, I went to Broomfield in Enfield. They knew I was involved with dance so they set up a whole dance programme and got people from the Royal Academy of Dance to come in and teach. They were really good.

Did you grow up in Tottenham?

Yes and still live here

What do the youth do these days around here?

Well, I consider myself to be really organised. I’m in my second year at university, at London Met with Dance. I get to study urban, African and Caribbean styles and so it’s really traditional and I love teaching as well so I’m learning and teaching at the moment, too. I also train with the London Dance Factory and I get tips from there on things to try. So I don’t hang out that much.

Do you think you’ll carry on teaching?

Yes, definitely, I’ve decided it’s something I like. I love performing but I feel like my strength is in teaching. I want to take whatever I’m learning and give back to young people – I didn’t get that growing up. So I want to give them something they can take away and develop in their own way; life lessons, not just dance moves.

Where do you hang out, when you do?

Too busy really, usually trying to fit in studio time, if I have time, then it’s the youth centre in Edmonton.



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