99p Show at The Bernie Grant Arts Centre




Are you looking for a cheap local night? In Tottenham, 99p will buy you a ticket for a night out. That simple and that cheap? Um yep, watch new talent perform on home turf for less than a £1 – how??

Mekel that’s how – he’s the genius producing it. He’s one of the production guys behind the scenes at the Bernie Arts Centre, ex-production whizz at the Hackney Empire and he also runs his own production company and studio. He comes across a lot of local talent and he’s just simply pulling them together for the community of Tottenham.

With the help of a small team, Mekel has put on eight shows in the last year and after a break over the summer, they are back with a monthly run. One of the things I love about this set-up is the turnout of youth – it’s staggering. To be clear, once a month on a Sunday night, this is where the youth of Tottenham are – all made up, in small groups and fizzing by the Bernie Arts entrance.

If Brandy, Monica and old school American grooves (I’m thinking Maxwell) mean nothing to you, then this is not your bag. But if you’re anything like me, the opening of this talent show will take you right back to being 15 again, wishing you were a member of TLC and bringing back the 90s: baggy jeans, pony tails and American R&B. If I have your attention, then you’ll love the magic of this old school talent show, plus it’s only 99p and you’ll be down with the kids for a night.

In the sound check, I got a chance to watch new talent Lucian Moet and her partner Christopher rehearse – it was electric (pictured above). All attitude, swag and delicious to watch. Mekel is onto a good thing.

Note: To get yourself a ticket for 99p, you will need to text names for the guest list to the following number: 07535792871 – otherwise be prepared to pay £3 on the door.

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