Bruce Grove’s Kith and Kids

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Kith and Kids is my favourite charity shop in the area. Don’t let the chaotic jumble put you off – in fact, I think that may be the best thing about it. There aren’t many charity shops in London where you can bag yourself all of the following: furniture, books, clothes, shoes, vinyl, pig ornaments (just about any ornament you can think of), vintage typewriter (I bought it), suitcases, prams… I could go on, I really could. This charity shop sells it all and on a lucky day (most days) you will walk away with something special, believe me, it’s hard to leave without buying. I have a strict policy to walk on by if I don’t have any cash, dangerous otherwise.

It moved down to Bruce Grove from the other end of the high road, nearly two years ago. It was based in the old retail park along with Sainsbury’s and since the move, they’ve been doing well. The two managers, John and John are the friendliest guys I know on the high street and they are always excited about donations – they will even come over and collect if they need to.

Opening hours: Mon – Fri 8-6 and Sat 10-5

Get over there.

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