Beavertown Lands at Tottenham Hale

The most recent arrivals in Tottenham have been quietly settling in and preparing for a big launch this weekend. On the 5th July, the Beavertown brewery will loudly announce the opening of the Tap Room with a party!!!!! Music, street food and happy locals – hooray!

Before May 2014, they were based in Hackney, where they brewed beers in a kitchen and left the magic to happen in a cellar but now, they have gone all swish and moved to Tottenham Hale with an enormous operation (yes, I did use swish and Tottenham in the same sentence). You will believe me when you see the space they’ve kitted-out. On the subject of swish, the classic range of Beavertown beers are all now in cans. The boat has been pushed right out of our comfort zone for the freshest taste out there people.

Get down there on Saturday from 11 am and start slow! It should be a long, lazy afternoon in the sun with all the best things near at hand, until 5pm. Enjoy.



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